Posted on 16 Nov2012 in Living @en, Projects

The area surrounding the central core of London boasts many prestigious residential suburbs.

OASS took on this new adventure in 2010, collaborating with companies and local architectural firms, bringing the quality and undisputed style of Made in Italy to London.

In Cornerways House, in the small settlement of Kingston Upon Thames, OASS was responsible for the construction of the main stairway in black painted iron, embellished by entirely handmade curls with galvanic treatment, in order to achieve an antique and burnished finish; all internal doors in the day zone are in iron with the same finish as the curls.  During the execution of works, OASS was asked to create all the external palisades and the striking entrance gate in wrought iron. The entrance door is made from chestnut wood and is embellished with decorations which highlight the stairway themes.


In the suburb of Hampstead Lane, an exclusive villa is erected boasting a selection of polished finishes, including wood, metal and polished marble.

OASS created and installed the balustrade of the large main stairway composed of numerous poles in polished nickel plated metal, attached directly to the stairs; completing the structure is the handrail made from shiny black painted wood.