The company O.A.S.S. was born in 1974 from the transformation of the small artisan company O.P.A.S., which was founded in 1963 as a manufacturer of hydraulic presses and equipments. It initially started out forming metal components; over the years it expanded its range of services to cover the internal construction of dies, carpentry and wrought iron. Thanks to the passion for the latter, its own range of furnishings was created in the late nineties. It was also during this period that new partnerships with companies and professionals in interior design and the furnishing accessories sector were widely established.

Over the past ten years OASS can boast the production of some of the finest concept stores of the best known fashion brands, as well as the completion of hotels, villas and prestigious residences on all five continents.

The company is at its third generation of craftsmen and the standard of quality, which has always distinguished it, is that of the most authentic “Made in Italy”, where mastery and exquisite workmanship characterise the true heritage of OASS creations.

O.A.S.S. is:

As needs can differ greatly; from producing structures that are characterised by a short duration and limited costs, right thorough to the creation of works that stand out thanks to their great strength and durability.
The experience we have gained allows us to work to our best both from a structural and an aesthetical point of view and to fill the role of a leader that can be referred to when completing particularly complex projects.
While offering ourselves as partners during the delicate planning stage, we study the most suitable and innovative solutions.
We are part of a tried and tested network of collaborators that is capable of satisfying all kinds of construction needs, in terms of materials, styles, finishes and quality.

The full-opening to new figures, both corporate and professional, in constant search for new alliances, challenges and solutions, is part of our entrepreneurial spirit every single day.